Radio:ハーレムの高校生JFNラジオの1日インターンに! Harlem High Schooler becomes Japan FM Network’s intern for a day !

Listen here

left to right: Ambassador Shigeyuki Hiroki, Nahtique Guillory, Mitsuhiko Kawai, president of Japan Day Inc.


ということで、ハーレムの市立高校、フレデリック・ダグラス・アカデミー(FDA)のナティーク・ギロリー(Nahtique Guilory)君が、私のレギュラー番組JFN(Japan FM Network) “Flowers”の1日インターンになってくれました。

I wanted to cover this year’s Japan Day at Central Park in “real cultural exchange style”. I recruited an intern from Frederick Douglas Academy(FDA), NYC high school in Harlem. His name is Nahtique Guilory. Since he’s been studying the Japanese language course in FDA, I asked him to report on the event both in English and Japanese. He did an awesome job!! Please take a listen to his report. (Including voices from the poster contest winner Aaron Porter and ambassador Shigeyuki Hiroki)

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